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Enio Cordoba

Forty years of achievements are hard to condense into a bio. Unlike many teachers that only danced one type of dance, Enio and Terryl have traversed through the separate worlds of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, & Salsa racking up impressive achievements in each. 


Individually Enio started at USC under 7 time US Latin  Champion Ron Montez, Enio soon became captain of the US Champion Latin Formation Team and British runner up. Within 4 years he had won the US Amateur Latin Championship and danced in 2 World Championships placing 17th and winning the amateur World Cup. Now adding legendary coaches Nina Hunt and Walter Laird who rarely took new couples, within 2 years of turning pro he had made the top 24 in both the Rising Star and Open Pro at the British Open. A finalist in US major Latin championships such as the Embassy & Emerald Balls, he also won the Florida, California,Texas Challenge, and US Pro Rising Star Championships. Retiring in 1990 to raise his boys, Enio opened the legendary Let’s Dance L.A. Studio in Alhambra, Ca. In the early 1990s, Enio won 3 Feather Awards as the Hottest Mambo Dancer and Most Popular Teacher in the US.



Terryl, an Air Force brat grew up on AF bases from Alabama to the Philippines. After returning the US she started dancing in 1980 at Fred Astaire studios in New Orleans, & Dallas. After winning the Florida State Rising Star Ballroom Championships she moved to L.A. where she eventually met Enio and began a decades long partnership. Years later she teamed with former British Champion Nigel Clarke and in just 3 weeks together made several finals in competitions from California to the Ohio Star Ball. Terryl also completed 600 hours of work in Pilates and Body Mechanics from renowned master teacher Marie José.


Teaming together Enio & Terryl won the Cabaret Division at the World Swing Championships and finalist at the US Open Swing Championships. With Enio retiring for good they embarked on a 20 year career (first studying with the Cuban and Mambo masters ) then developing and demonstrating their unique style of LA Salsa, teaching at most of the early Salsa congresses around the world. Because of their extensive experience, they helped choreograph many scenes in the movie Dance with Me, and trained most of the stars for 6 months.

 For 20 years Terry, Enio, & his brother Robert (7 time US Swing Champion & Hall of Famer) ran the biggest dance studio in Los Angeles- Let’s Dance LA.. Creating the early prototype for Salsa Congresses, they ran the legendary Swing Jams and Mambo Mania events. With nightly classes often numbering over 125 students, they bought and remodeled a 4 story building which Enio renamed “The Granada Nightclub.” This fantastic 700 person venue hosted many Grammy Award Winners and was named the “Best Place to Dance, Best Live Music, Best DJ and Best Tapas Club for several consecutive years. 


In another sideline, Enio was invited to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to teach at an elite Ice Skating camp even though he did not skate. Over the next 20 years he coached 8 Olympian US couples in Ice Dance & Pairs and choreographed one winning World Pro Championship routine. ABC Commentator and US/World/Olympic Champion Dick Button called Enio (and Twyla Tharp choreographer Keith Young) “The Two Hottest Choreographers in Skating today…” on ABC’s telecast.


Finally as actors Enio & Terryl are currently filming God & Salsa- a film based on the experience of a student who found her personal redemption through classes with Enio & Terryl. Enio recently starred in two United Healthcare/AARP “Go Long “ commercials, and with Terryl in a Chevy Impala national.  He also was choreographer for the MTV award winning music video Broken Wings by Mr. Mister


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Please feel free to contact Enio for additional information at (626) 487-2572.

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